• 100% Online Course

    All the courses that you see on Gold Traffic School are 100% online. We give you the flexibility to complete your course whenever you want to. We understand that you have a busy schedule and that’s why we let you be the boss of your course.

    All our courses are designed keeping in mind how busy your lives can be. We assure you that our courses will help you pass the test. All you need to have is an internet connection. Be at home or at a café, it’s your choice. Use your tablet, smartphone, laptop or browse through our course from a PC. It’s your choice again.

    The Gold Traffic School is a fully licensed online traffic and basic driver improvement school, governed by the laws of Florida. Our online course allows you to re-take the test as many times as you want until you clear the test without any sparing any extra cost.

    Provider Price FL State Assessment Fee
    & Processing Fee
    Reporting to
    Digital Certificate Fee Total Price
    GoldTrafficSchool.com $5.95 $0.00! We do it for you! $0.00 - Same Day Email $5.95
    Lowest Price Traffic School $5.94* $19.94! You've to do it yourself Extra $$$ $25+
    I Drive Safely $5.94* $19.95! You've to do it yourself $10.95 $36.84
    American Safety Council $8.50* $7.50 You've to do it yourself $9.95 $25.95

  • E File with DMV and Courts

    After you choose the right course for you, feel free to join the course according to your own pace. Once, you are done and clear the test, we will electronically submit your information to the DMV and the courthouse

  • Star and Stop the Course Anytime

    The best part about our course is that you are free to start the course and end whenever you want it. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is to finish the course before the due date.

  • You get Unlimited Retake Attempts

    Don’t worry if you failed to pass the test once, twice, or the tenth time. Our courses come with unlimited free retakes. Feel free to get ready for the next attempt when you are ready. We don’t put pressure on our students.

  • Get a eCertificate in 30 minutes

    Once you have completed the test successfully, we will send you a test completion certificate in as less as 30 minutes. We know that you want to be 100% sure that you have completed the test and don’t worry, we will give you your peace of mind. You can show this certificate to the court and to the DMV whenever required.

  • Open Book Final

    Imagine a final exam where you get to the chance to read and give the test! Who would have thought right, but this is completely true with us. Our final exam is an open book. Just open our website in a new browser or tab and read while you give the exam.

  • Instant Grading of exams

    You will no longer have to wait for your results. Just give the test and receive the results instantly. The moment you hit the submit button on our site, you will have your results! We are quick too.